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Twitter rival is in the town, see who is battling against Twitter

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is set to launch its Twitter rival “Threads” in September. The app is designed to be a more personal and ephemeral way to share updates with friends and family.

[Image of Threads app logo]
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Threads will allow users to share photos, videos, and text with a limited group of followers. The app will also have a disappearing message feature, similar to Snapchat.

Meta is hoping that Threads will appeal to younger users who are looking for a more private and intimate way to communicate. The app is also seen as a way to compete with Snapchat, which is particularly popular among Gen Z users.

Threads will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app will be free to use, but users will be able to purchase in-app features.

It remains to be seen whether Threads will be a success. However, Meta is clearly investing heavily in the app, and it could be a major player in the social media landscape in the years to come.

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