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Steve Wozniak Says the Metaverse Is a ‘Waste of Time’

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has called the metaverse a ‘waste of time’, saying that it is nothing more than a ‘gimmick’.

In an interview with The New York Times, Wozniak said that he does not see the appeal of the metaverse, which is a virtual world that is being developed by tech companies like Meta (formerly Facebook).

“I don’t see the metaverse as anything more than a gimmick,” Wozniak said. “It’s not something that I’m interested in.”

Wozniak also expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of the metaverse, such as its addictive nature and its potential to be used for surveillance.

“I think it’s a waste of time, and I think it’s a lot of hype,” Wozniak said. “I don’t see the point of it.”

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Wozniak’s comments come as the metaverse is becoming increasingly popular. Meta has said that it plans to invest $10 billion in the metaverse this year, and other tech companies like Microsoft and Google are also developing their own metaverse platforms.

However, Wozniak is not the only one who has expressed concerns about the metaverse. Some experts have warned that the metaverse could have a negative impact on mental health and social interaction.

It remains to be seen whether the metaverse will become a mainstream phenomenon. However, Wozniak’s comments suggest that the metaverse may not be as appealing to everyone as some tech companies hope.

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